Wedding Photography, DevonNadia + Nick’s Engagement shoot at Teignmouth Pier

May 3, 2015by Georgie0

Engagement Photography at Teignmouth Pier
These guys are the best! They made my job so, so easy. I didn’t have to say anything, I just turned around and they were lost in their own little world, perfect!
Nadia and Nick are getting married in July at a quaint little Church in Shaldon, then will be going on to Bickleigh Mill near Newton Abbot, practically a home from home for me.
Nadia grew up in Shaldon so spent many of her younger days on the beach crabbing and at Teignmouth Pier. She has many fond memories here so thought it would be the perfect spot for their engagement shoot. She was absolutely right! There are so many different wonderful spots, I could have kept them there all day! The weather was especially kind to us today, we thought it was going to be rained off as the weather the day before was just dreadful, wet, windy and foggy, not a great combo! As it turned out, we had an awesome morning, despite it being a touch windy!
Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-2 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-5 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-15 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-20 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-21 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-24 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-25 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-30 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-34 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-40 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-43 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-46 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-52 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-57 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-59 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-64 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-66 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-71 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-77 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-78 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-80 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-81 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-82 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-83 < img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-1808″ src=”” alt=”Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-89″ width=”5760″ height=”3840″ /> Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-92 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-94 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-99 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-102 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-103 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-106 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-109 Nadia_Nick_Engagement_Teignmouth-111

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